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Consequences of bugs in WordPress themes- ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin- Keephumanity research

cyber-attack -keephumanity

Consequences of bugs in WordPress themes- ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin- Keephumanity research

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WordPress themes, what is it? How useful are they? How are they different? Are they protected from cyber-attack?

These are all questions that an ordinary person asks when he finds out about them. We will try to explain in the simplest possible way through this article, which takes 3 minutes to read.

Consequences of bugs in WordPress theme- ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin- Keephumanity research

1. What is WordPress theme and what is uses?

WordPress themes are already made and designed website layouts to serve the purpose of that website. For example, if a lawyer would like to create a website, it is much easier to create a website if he uses a theme that will serve the functionality and purpose of the website such as ULTRA, ASTRA topics than AQUA, OASIS which are super suitable for spas, wellness centers.

Most of theme have free and premium version .

2. How useful are WordPress themes?

WordPress themes are very beneficial. They inspire a lot and help users more easily come up with an idea of ​​what their site should look like. The layout itself allows the user to think less about UI design and focus more on n UX design. They save a lot of time for people to build the desired site and the last and biggest benefit is that they do not need coding skills.

3. How are they different?

The main difference between WordPress themes is in style, design, functionality, user friendly, and of course price.
The style and design of the theme are influenced by the style of the designer, the style of the user, and the type of business the theme is dedicated to.
As for the price of topics, they range from 30 dollars and even some up to several hundred dollars.

4. Are they protected from cyber-attacks?

All WordPress themes are encoded so that they have very good protection in case of a hacker attack. What happens if the plugins are not 100 percent protected and what consequences they can leave on the theme and sites?
On the site they recently published the vulnerability of a plugin that threatened over 200,000 sites, their cms, and database. It is a plugin ThemeGrill Demo Importer. Its vulnerability has made 200,000 sites that own this plugin exposed to hackers. The plugin is used to quickly import demo content, widgets, and settings from ThemeGrill, but it also left a lot of flaws so that hackers could remotely enter the site’s database, register as an admin, and delete all information from the site.

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Here we see (in the screenshot) that there is no authentication check

According to the WebARX researchers, the vulnerability affects ThemeGrill Demo Importer plugin version 1.3.4 up to 1.6.1, all released in the last 3 years.


WordPress themes are great tools for browsing websites and multifunctional but also if they are linked to unverified plugins they can be very vulnerable to hacker attacks. Our advice is not to be afraid of WordPress themes and plugins first, but also if you hear something about a plugin, it would be a good idea to check it on google before uploading it to your website.
Prevention is always a good tool in business as well as in the preparation of websites.
And be sure to update as soon as possible when a new version of the plugin comes out in order to reduce the possibility of your site being hacked to a minimum.

Tips- watch video to little learn about cyber security

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