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Cost Calculator Builder – WordPress builder – Keephumanity research

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Cost Calculator Builder WordPress plugin

cost calculator builder

is a plugin that is very easy to use and implement it into the website. Use it to estimate the price of a service, service, product, and more. In addition to the default version, which is quite basic, you also have a tool to customize the interface and design. The Pro version has, among other things, condition options that help us in case we have more variations on the product. Setting the condition option allows us to omit some items from pricing in the price estimate

8 Different Calculator Elements:
○ Input Box
○ Dropdown Box
○ Switch Box
○ Checkbox
○ Range Slider
○ Quantity Box
○ Textbox
○ Horizontal Line

Pro version WP cost calculator also includes Contact Form 7, Send Form, reCAPTCHA, Calendar field, Stripe & PayPal Integration, Import & Export calculators, Woocommerce Integration,. Besides that, you can use more forms on one page as well. Can be used for all types of WordPress website.


Cost calculator builder does not require knowledge of IT and is very practical and easy to use. For the last 10 years, it has been one of our favorite plugins used to predict the prices of products, services, etc.

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