Health vs Virus-Keephumanity research

Health vs Virus-Keephumanity research

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What the immune system is, what it serves, and how we can strengthen it?

1.Immune system

The immune system is a defense system of organisms that help the body to protect itself against the disease of the interstitial and the virus in our case. Many viruses that intend to enter the human body are closely related to the immune system. The lower the immune system’s ability to attack our body, the greater the immune system.

What factors influence the weakening of our immune system?

As we already know that throughout the life span, we develop our immune system, but we can also weaken it with our lifestyles.The immune system, like a wall made of hormones secreted by four glands, prevents us from illness, but also if one of those glands fails, then the wall collapses and weakens. The main indicator that our immune system is weakening is the inability to control hormonal stress (cortisol), whose secretion increases based on fear or some dangerously threatening situation in our country. does not serve the purpose of humanity but against it.

So the weakening of the immune system goes like this – non-education-fear-bad habit (desire for a better mood) – eating unhealthy foods-depression-body fatigue – illness. I have shown this to explain a long road to illness, and so is the modern man’s disinterest in helping one another with advice. The struggle for prestige, money, fame, gossip has completely separated us from the thought that we are all one big family that needs to take care of our members. We have reached the apex of the egotistical insidious suicide culture, and as a result of this, Corona is one of the many viruses created by human negligence.

How to strengthen the immune system?

Health vs Virus-Djokovic vs Vaccines-Keephumanity research

The immune system is strengthened by having the proper flow of hormones in the body, thanks to our good knowledge of the reality in which we live and the cognition that we live. Happiness, love, good work comes from knowing yourself and accepting yourself with all your weaknesses as well as investing in your personality through various social activities, sports, socializing, walking. From this feeling will awaken your conscience towards nutrition and in the end you will get immune system, success, health, happiness and love.


Health vs Virus-Keephumanity research

The virus is a small pathogen that reproduces inside the cells of living hosts. A virus is made up of two or three parts, depending on the type of virus. Parts of the virus are a gene (derived from DNA or RNA, a protein membrane that protects the gene and in some cases, the fatty membranes that protect the protein membrane (the fatty membrane makes the virus resistant to soap).

How does a virus attack a person’s body?

Health vs Virus-Keephumanity research

When a person’s immune system is badly caused by bad beliefs that lead to a bad way of lifestyle. Then through the cracks of the immune system, the virus penetrates and enters the host cells. Subsequently, because of the gene it carries within itself, it is able to multiply into 1000 of its copies, thus destroying and weakening the host cell and at the same time the health of the whole body.

How does the modern man fight the virus?

Science has come up with preventative measures to combat viruses, which are vaccines. A vaccine that carries a small amount of serum from the virus would cause the cells to make antibodies. These antibodies would help the cell against the viruses and would literally ward off the virus. The problem with vaccines is that it comes with various suspicious substances that can cause a person more severe and more severe damage and consequences than the virus itself. The second and more important method, which is less present, is the immunological method. To educate people about healthy lifestyles to strengthen their immune system and make the body strong for any type of virus.

The immunological method would not only protect people from disease but would also improve their quality of life in all fields. The question is where is our humanity and why have we put it aside? Why do doctors no longer treat the conscience instead of listening to a businessman’s money, why are we looking at how to use people instead of helping them?


To raise awareness of nations that they care more about themselves and their health, family, the country would avoid a lot of viruses in the future, but since this thinking is less profitable and waiting for results, then humanity has decided on this laboratory unverified, possibly harmful option. It seems that the powerful people in the world are not intellectually capable of dealing with the causes of the problems but only the consequences of the problems, and as such, they will not bring us a better life because they have already dealt with all of us. The only way is to educate ourselves, help friends, family, and loved ones, and they can also pass on.

Quite a few successful athletes have raised their voice against the vaccine and among them is Novak Djokovic, currently the best tennis player in the world (see more …)

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