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How to stay healthy and fit as a web developer – Keephumanity advice and suggestion

web developer keephumanity

How to stay healthy and fit as a web developer – Keephumanity advice and suggestion

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Developer life – Every web developer when he starts his career has a lot of dreams on how to create a revolutionary application, software, and of course his dream. After 2 years of working as a junior and with a lot of work and learning, the web developer realizes that success comes slowly and that web development is a marathon and not a race.

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Most developers who are full of excitement have entered the IT industry have forgotten that the whole business is intellectual, mental, and as such takes a lot of human energy. If a developer enters the industry unprepared, not knowing what, who and how to recharge his energy, he can burn out very quickly and his mood and motivation disappear.

Here are a few motivational and life tips that KeepHumanity likes to give to its employees:

1. Never forget who you were before you became a developer

-Very often out of our excitement and curiosity we forget to perform our daily routines that made us happy before we became developers.

Don’t forget to spend time with your loved ones, talk to them on the phone, or spend the weekend with them!!!

2.Don’t forget the goals, ideas and visions that brought you here

When you have already entered the world of innovation, you are quite exposed to the influence of other people’s enthusiasm, their ideas, visions, etc. In that encounter with them, you wake up and develop ideas that are different from your original ideas. Later, after some time, with the loss of primary goals and ideas, a person begins to lose his motivation and desire to progress.

3. Try to spend as much free time as possible in physical activities, and as little as possible on the phone or some other electronic device.

We recommend cycling, swimming, hiking, and for some extreme activities scuba diving, skiing, surfing, etc.
Aerobic activities have been proven to be perfect for our organs and cardiovascular system.

4. Try to eat healthily

Nowadays, you have a lot of choices about what type of diet to practice. It is a very popular vegan diet that is very effective and keeps hormones in balance. We often advise a new type of diet AUTOPHAGIA which has proven to be very healing, healthy, and beneficial to the human psyche.

5. Always listen to your favorite music or read your favorite books.

It has been proven that sound is the best mover of the human soul and favorite books are the sources of our memories and beautiful moments of our childhood.


We hope we have helped you with our little tips and that as developers you will enjoy your dreams, ideas, visions, and deeds.

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