Laravel vs WordPress – what would you choose – Keephumanity research


Laravel vs WordPress – what would you choose – Keephumanity research

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Laravel vs WordPress-We will also briefly explain what they are.


WordPress is an open-source CMS (content management system) connected to the MySQL and MariaDB databases. It is very flexible and highly recommended for websites that increase performance with plugins.


Laravel is a free PHP open-source framework. It is very good for creating web applications that are dynamic and require more customization.

They are 4 essential differences that distinguish WordPress and Laravel:


a) WordPress is an open-source CMS and all users participate in its construction and as such its code is much easier to understand and breakthrough later.

Laravel is an open-source framework that developers use more when it comes to customized applications and sites. Lavarel is quite complex in nature and harder to understand.

As for the security victory, Laravel won


a) WordPress is super flexible and has about 55,000 plugins that allow websites to be modified at any time. Because of that, it is super flexible regard modification of the website.
b) Laravel is less flexible because it is a framework. Every time a change is made you have to open the whole code to insert a certain extension of the code. The code must then be tested to confirm that it will work successfully with the rest of the code. These changes take longer and are more complicated and require a lot more work than WordPress.

In terms of flexibility, WordPress won.


1.WordPress CMS does updates almost every month, sometimes even less. As for the security, that the entire platform is quite secure and less sensitive to hacker attacks plus the upgrade is extremely important for an SEO website.

b) Laravel apps and websites are updated once in 6 months, and because of that are susceptible to hacker attacks plus they are more made for marketing than for SEO.

As for updates, the winner is WordPress.

4.User Friendly

a) WordPress has a very simple and elegant dashboard that allows users to more easily using WordPress plus websites are customized for all browsers.
b) Laravel has no dashboard and need to be created. Each browser needs to create another version of the application.
As for updating, WordPress won.


If we compare these 4 performances of WordPress and Laravel we will see that it is 3 to 1 for WordPress.
That doesn’t mean WordPress is better or worse than Laravel.
WordPress lie to use a certain type of people and also it is better for a website. Lavarel is a free open framework and developers use it more for application.
In the end, if they weren’t good, they wouldn’t be so well represented in the IT world.

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