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MailTracker google extension- Hunter tool – Keephumanity research

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MailTracker google extension is a great tool for Hunter company for tracking emails and who and when to open your email.

When we decide on an email campaign we often wonder how to know if a potential client has opened an email and when.
To give us an insight into this, Hunter has created a tool that will allow it to track the user’s email and the interaction itself.
Our company has been using Hunter.oi for a couple of years now. This helps us find the emails of potential clients and at the same time send them emails. Now in symbiosis with the MailTracker tool, we got everything we need in one place for an email campaign.

We have several features by which the MailTracker tool is recognized as a super tool and they are:

  • User interface – is very friendly and as such allows the easy content formation
  • Time accurate – time accurate and accurate data when the email is opened
  • Email security – with advanced technologies, the tool itself guarantees us 100% security of email content
  • Price – It’s FREE to use

How to install MailTracker extension?

They have two ways to install the MailTracker extension. The first is to type the MailTracker extension into google search.



Many people wonder, what happens to the content of the email, are they still private or is the content stored in the MailTracker database?

The answer is no, no content of the email is stored in the EmailTrackers database, only that the identification number of each email is stored as well as the time when the email was sent. Sometimes I.P. an address that is more used as an email verification factor.

Therefore, MailTracker does not store any personally identifiable information about your recipients.


MailTracker as a Hunter tool is great for an email campaign and a great indicator of whether someone opened an email we sent or not. In addition, he has good statistics that he opened an email from potential email recipients.

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