Novak Djokovic for or against the vaccine-Keephumanity research

Novak Djokovic for or against the vaccine-Keephumanity research

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1.Novak Djokovic

Novak Djokovic with or without  the vaccine-Keephumanity research

Novak Djokovic is currently the best tennis player in the world, a super muse and the perfect father of two. He descended from a Serbian Orthodox family and as a kid walked the paths of fate. His mind as the most important part of his personality and that today is a mystery to many athletes, scientists.

His built awareness and respect for the human body gave him the opportunity to discover that he was allergic to gluten. Then his results came one after the other, winning all the tennis tournaments in the world. The question is whether this person has awareness and knowledge of the health and functioning of the human body or is it just another false promoter of health in a row.

I was taught that people live by their beliefs and that man’s life is the best example of his beliefs.


Novak Djokovic with or without  the vaccine-Keephumanity research

Vaccines are small amounts of viruses mixed with various other chemical compounds.This serum is injected into the body through injection and is designed to create cells for antibodies to a particular virus. The question is how much the vaccine affects the biological and genetic makeup of our cells and what consequences they leave behind. Should a vaccine be found for every disease, if not why? What is it about the common sense of healthcare organizations to make vaccines for every disease? There was a lack of humanity, they were expensive to make, or maybe third damaging the whole human body?

Many successful day-to-day athletes are against vaccination, they are for more immune therapy, which has far more benefits than the vaccine. I personally know people who received the pneumonia vaccine and eventually died of pneumonia. The vaccine kills people’s awareness and concern for their health, an awareness that will later fail in other walks of life. No one seems to be dealing with the causes of the problem anymore, but only the consequences. Because of the consequences alone, I think the answer is clear, it doesn’t take much knowledge to solve the problem, and it is quite easy to calculate the financial costs and income of investors who present themselves to us as a philanthropist.


Novak Djokovic with or without  the vaccine-Keephumanity research

People should shed more light on the health and care of their bodies through results and sports activity, then to weaken on some vaccines that show fewer and fewer results. Educate yourself on nutrition, health, and spirit and calm and your life will be better guaranteed and you should only receive vaccines if you have to. Do not chase after vaccines that not only inventors know their consequences, and do not forget for tens of thousands of years a person has survived without a vaccine, which tells us that our immune system is the strongest vaccine in the world that a person can have.

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