Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

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What is plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging?

1.Plastic oil packaging

plastic boxes-Keephumanity research

Plastic oil packaging they are made from petroleum products and as such are very harmful to the environment and has a very detrimental effect on the environment. Today, plastics are present in almost all products of cars, bicycles, T-shirts, toys, home appliances, etc. The fact is that we need all these devices, but the question is whether there is a better, better quality replacement for plastic, and if so, why we don’t know much about it. We will give an objective opinion on this blog post so far (be patient)

2.Plastic hemp packaging

Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

Plastic hemp packaging is industrial hemp derivatives that many identify as her sister’s marijuana. contains less than 0.5% THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), a psychoactive substance contained in marijuana. Therefore, it is not possible to “inflate” industrial hemp. It even contains a substance called CBD (Cannabidiol) that blocks and excludes this possibility. It is very elastic, durable at the level of oil plastic. In its production, the emissions are very low and in the end, it decomposes biologically. Why hemp is no longer used in the industry as oil plastics will be outlined below based on our objective research.

The production process of both plastic packages

1.Plastic oil package

Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

The first step in making plastic boxes begins with drilling oil holes, after which that oil is processed into fuel for various purposes. The remnants of the product are transported to the factories where the plastic substrate is created. The plastic is then processed, melted, and filled into molds from which plastic boxes are formed.

2.Plastic hemp packages

Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

After sowing and harvesting the hemp is harvested, separating the grain from the tree which is then pressed and immersed in warm water. It is then poured into plastic box molds. These boxes are biodegradable and hemp is used in making T-shirts, car parts, toys, etc.

Quality plastic oil packaging VS Quality plastic hemp packaging

Plastic oil packaging or plastic hemp packaging-Keephumanity research

The quality of one product is reflected in durability, weight, processing, speed of production as well as damage to human health. As for the durability and weight of both packages are at a similar level, and in terms of processing speed as well as health factors of hemp is far ahead of the plastic oil product. Hemp grows very quickly over a short period of time, is processed and implemented in products with far fewer processing processes than oil plastic, and as regards the health factors of hemp, it is absolutely free harm to humans compared to oil plastic products.

Environment and emission

In terms of the emissions and pollution of the two products, I think there is a coherent conversation about it. Of organic, biodegradable material, the damage is minimal, not to say zero, unlike the plastic oil of the material, the damage is so great that it is one of the important factors and the reason why we have global warming.

We also compared the prices between the two packages?

If we sum up the entire production process by hemp from the first to the last step, hemp products are very competitive in terms of price, even more, products are cheaper than oil products.

Conclusion and conscience

The conclusion is simple that, of all the above items, hemp is of higher quality, healthier, faster and more biodegradable material, making it the winner of our research.

As the big oil industries and their lobbies put a curtain over hemp products, we work to awaken people’s conscience to understand that if these products have no buyer then they will no longer make it. In order to change the world globally you must first change the local, help nature, help ourselves and our children and grandchildren with smart decisions to change our lives and at the same time their habits and lifestyles.

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