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SKY WORK-Productivity software that keeps your data secure no matter where you are – Keephumanity research

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SKY WORK-Productivity software that keeps your data secure no matter where you are – Keephumanity research

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Skywork is a company that was formed in 2008 in Canada and has achieved great growth and market presence related to work database security.
So far, it has developed business on all continents in the world and is one of the leaders in the world in terms of data security of mobile devices.

Sky work

A place where fear disappears and trust is created”

Keephumanity tries to always give its opinion to proven companies such as Skywork because we already know that there are a lot of companies on the market that do not stand behind their product works.

The downturn in the world economy, the 2008 recession and the beginning of the rise of Sky Work

After the world recession in 2008, where the economy suffered a lot from the collapse of the stock market. One of the main reasons is the leakage of information from large companies through phones and all other electronic devices such as Samsung android, iPhone, iPad, etc.

Later, after the crisis, through numerous examples, it became clear that our phones are very vulnerable and that provider telephone company do not care much about it, but only about profit. Various companies from the IT sector saw opportunities to cover that part of the market and take matters into their own hands. One of the most reliable companies in the market is SKYWORK.

The development of technology brings with it a greater vulnerability of the entire electronic system

1.Electronic system-devices network

If you look carefully at the picture above you will see that all the points are connected and that they are the same and connected to the man. What do these points represent? These are all possible devices for which we are connected by a visible tangible touch (like a phone) but also by things that we cannot see (that is, the Internet, router, satellites, etc.). Each of these points represents a link in our system. It’s the hacker’s job to find the weakest link and bridge it to put a virus in our system and steal our data. Currently, a small number of companies in the world are engaged in providing data for the entire network, rather than taking a part of the network, such as a phone, and protecting our phone, while, for example, our computer is sensitive to hacker attacks.

At the same time, it gave Sky Work to present itself to the world with new technology and cover all possible weaknesses of our device system.

2.Reliability of SKY WORK

Blackberry is a company that has always been known as the only company that works one hundred percent on the security and privacy of its users. Sky Work a company that learned the business from the best and based the foundations of its culture on the postulates of the Blackberry company.
Sky Work with over a million users has proven to be a company that is an extremely reliable business partner.

3.Cost and prices

Through a decade of business, Sky Work has succeeded not only in technology but also in prices in giving a better product to the market than its direct competitors such as MaaS360 from IBM, Air Watch from VPWARE, MOBILEIRON or HEXNODE.

4.User friendly dashboard

The design of the application only, including the dashboard, is so simple that it is accessible and easy to use for everyone. UX and UI design is done superbly at the highest world level.


SKY WORK has shown itself for a decade as a trusted company, which makes innovations every day in the direction of data protection and devices of its customers. Our research puts SKYWORK at the top of our list for IT security.

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