Sushi restaurant website template “SUSHI SAKAI “, Sacramento design -Keephumanity style

Sushi restaurant website template “SUSHI SAKAI “, Sacramento design -Keephumanity style

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Sushi restaurant website template “SUSHI SAKAI “.The template consists of 8 pages and a booking option. It is also ready for use. What clients need to provide us:

  • logo
  • site name ( so we can find the domain and hosting)
  • text and images
  • banner
  • location
  • contact info

Sushi restaurant website “SUSHI SAKAI” review by pages

1.Home page- hero image

Hero image

1.a) Home page

home page - sushi restaurant keephumanity
home page

What does a home page usually have?

  • The home page consists of a header (at the very top of the page where there is usually a menu bar, logo, banner and contact info – sometimes a promotion or coupon code)
  • In the body of the page, which is located between the header and the footer, there is usually the content of the page filled with words, pictures, and videos that show information most important about the company or product that the website presents.
  • In the footer of the page which is located at the bottom of the page, there is usually the content bio, contact, location, address, portfolio, etc. are usually placed.

2. Menu page

3. Special promo page

special page

4.Team page

team sushi restaurant -keephumanity
Team page

5. Location page

our location sushi restaurant-keephumanity
location page

6. Pop-up page

pop-up page

7.About us – page

about us sushi restaurant-keephumanity
About us page

8. Contact page

contact sushi restaurant keephumanity
Contact page

You can buy the website TEMPLATE HERE.

Keephumanity has a lot of beautiful templates and we work on new ones every day to meet the needs of our clients as much as possible.

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