What is digital marketing?

What is digital marketing?

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What is digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a type of marketing that is advertised through digital media and with the help of digital devices.
Nowadays, marketing people often use and present digital marketing as something complicated, almost difficult to understand, and inaccessible. We will try to find out the facts regarding such rumors.

Digital marketing is too difficult- True or Myth?

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The criteria used to evaluate a profession are:

  1. education
  2. personal affinities (talent, love, etc.)
  3. professional advancement and requiring the acquisition of new knowledge
  4. flexibility in the application of new knowledge
  5. Social responsibility
  6. length of working time

1.What kind of education does digital marketing require?

Currently, many colleges offer marketing as a major and a lot of young people are turning in that direction. We currently live in an era of marketing where we are surrounded by marketing tricks 24 hours a day.

Whether we want to accept it or not, our brain spontaneously and unconsciously receives knowledge about digital marketing. There are a lot of online free courses on the market to learn a lot about digital marketing. One of these companies is Udemy.

2.What kind of personal affinities do people need to have digital marketing?

For any kind of occupation, people should first be interested in that job. That the fact of what they are doing is awakening and that they are constantly hungry for new knowledge and experience. One of the basic indicators of love for something you do is that you are ready to do the job for FREE.

Talent is very crucial for people who are interested in achieving in that profession and see themselves as the ultimate destination.

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3.Professional advancement and requiring the acquisition of new knowledge

We currently have dozens of different occupations on the market. Some of them are just being created, some are being extinguished and some require daily learning, progress, etc.
Digital marketing is a fairly new industry about 20 years old, and the approach, tactics, and business strategy are constantly changing.

Digital marketing requires constant learning and monitoring of new trends in marketing.

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4.Flexibility in the application of new knowledge

Digital marketing is a very creative industry, and any new knowledge, experiences are welcome. One of the main things about digital marketing is that there is no such thing as a stupid idea. All ideas, innovations are welcome as one of the progressive factors in digital marketing.

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5.Social responsibility

Every job carries with it some kind of responsibility. As far as digital marketing is concerned, it falls under social responsibility.
Every marketing campaign has a great social responsibility and the power to influence the consciousness of the reader. So it would be desirable for this factor to be a much higher priority than it is now in our time.

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6.Length of working time

As for the length of working hours, we have a division into several different categories, starting from traditional time to new time part time or remote work hours.
Digital marketing belongs to businesses that, even when working hours are over, always have something new to learn and do.

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If you have carefully read all 6 criteria of the profession, you will find that the only and most important thing in a digital marketing career is that you love your job. All other criteria can be achieved with perseverance and goodwill.

Now we have explained what the digital marketing profession is and what affinities people should have in order to do this business.

We will now say what the entire digital marketing consists of:

  1. organic/search engine campaign
  2. paid per click campaign
  3. retargeting campaign
  4. email campaign
  5. social media

1.Organic search engine campaign

First, let’s say a little about what a search engine is and what it is for.
Every browser starting with Google, Bing, Firefox, etc .. have algorithms that recognize customer requests and connect them to their database. For example – in the Google search bar the user enters the information he needs (for example “house for sale”). Then Google, the database finds the closest answer to the requested request (in our case “house for sale”).

Why is search engine useful for digital marketing and for what it serves us?

Digital marketing uses browsers as one of the marketing channels, where all business owners find perhaps the largest number of clients when it comes to digital marketing.

How to use the search engine and how to find out how it works and how it can benefit our businesses?

A lot of people approach the search engine with fear thinking that it is a field that requires a great deal of IT knowledge. However in reality things are different.

The search engine can be learned like any other job, because of that people will know as much as they are interested. Many sites like Ubersuggest, Moz can give you pretty good knowledge to guide your SEO.

What is organic search engine campaign?

The campaign represents a certain period of time in which marketing strategies and tactics are applied.
Search organic campaigns are made up of several parts:

  • A)keywords
  • B)back-links
  • C)Header
  • D)meta-tags
  • E)alt text on image
  • F)permalink-URL


What is the keyword?

Keywords are one of the main parts of a search engine to recognize the meaning of your site. Keywords directly influence the search engine results, whether the algorithm will select your page or the page of another website.

Earlier 20 years ago the search engine was based only on keywords, so people tried to cheat it by adding keywords to one page countless times.
As keywords evolved and evolved, so did the queries
Nowadays we have a search engine that can actually almost intuitively recognize from our sentence what we were talking about in the texts, similar to the human brain. Earlier keywords were just one word in a sentence, and now it can consist of a whole phrase up to 5 words.


What are back-links and what are they for?

We will try to explain it to you in a simple way. In our society, they say that the more friends you have, the more you are worth. On the Internet, these attachments are websites, and now if we website owners point one link to another website. And that link that goes or comes from our friend sites is BACKLINK.
There are currently a lot of ways to get BACKLINKS, but we will write about that in more detail in the next post.


Headers are the titles of each page that say google search what is the title of the page. So the google search engine is much easier to create an idea of ​​what this site will be about. It has 6 headers ranging from header 1 to header 6, where header 1 is with the highest authority and header 6 is with the lowest authority.


Meta-tags is a snippet or small description that does not appear on the page but only in the search engine, as part of the source code. Here it is very important that through small sentences, clearly explain the google content of the page.

E)Alt-text image

Google and others have given the browser the option that each image has alt-text.
Alt-text is an option that allows us to describe the image in text and what is on it. This will help a lot in the google search results in our images and on the other hand, it is also useful for people who have vision problems.


Permalink is the URL of the page in the browser. SEO experts advise that the keywords of that page be in the permalink of that page in order for google to better recognize the content of the page.

2)Paid per click campaign

Paid per click is like the name says pay per click.

When we advertise through a browser like Google we first create a campaign and set campaign conditions.
Here we now have an impression factor (how many people could see our ad), click (how many people clicked on our ad), and lead how many people took another step towards buying after the click. All three options are possible to buy individually or in a package.

3) Retargeting campaign

A retargeting campaign is when we re-target subscribers, social media followers and etc. with different content.
There are several strategies on how to carry out a retargeting campaign, and these are in the following ways. , or even those who have made a purchase to see if they are satisfied with the product. As you can see there are plenty of ways you can approach this with a retargeting campaign. Align the character of these strategies with the goal, the target group of your clients.

4.Email campaign

An email campaign is a part of digital marketing where based on the list of emails you have in the database you can send an email to those same emails from the list. Various tools are used for email campaigns starting with MailTracker, Mailchimp, and others.
So far, research says that this is the best and most productive type of digital marketing campaign.

5.Social media campaign

The social media campaign is done through social media. Every social media has its own character and its own group of people. Facebook is more for connecting for people, Linkedin is more for business cooperation, Instagram is more fun, Pinterest is business-image.
Each of the social media has different prices for its services and as its tools for monitoring social campaigns.

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