wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace – Keephumanity search

wordpress vs squarespace

WordPress vs Squarespace – Keephumanity search

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WordPress vs Squarespace is the question that bothers most of us? Which one is better? Which is simpler, faster, more expensive and I guess many other questions come to your mind? We will try to answer some of these facts.

So what is WordPress?

WordPress website- Keephumanity

WordPress is an open-source CMS ( content management system) connect with database MySQL and MariaDB.(more about WordPress vs Laravel).WordPress provides us with while we using it to make so many different versions o website with tons of different functions.

So what is Squarespace?


Squarespace is a website building platform. It is an American company, based in New York, they offer software service for building websites. The company started in Maryland in 2006 while co-founder was a student yet. It is SaaS(software as a service)web content management and also offers in-line editing capabilities, an extensive embeddable widgets library, strong iPhone support, and dynamic scalability behind the scenes.

So let is go through this together WordPress vs Squarespace

wordpress vs squarespace

On what grounds can WordPress and Squarespace be distinguished?

  1. Installation /integration

    WordPress is not that much straightforward( you need to install WordPress on your device plus to connect with domain and hosting provider than Squarespace( their offer software, domain, and hosting – everything on one place)

  2. Functionality/Plugins/Addons

    WordPress has more than 50 000 plugins which are more than half FREE. Squarespace has a limited amount of ad-dons that can improve your website.

  3. Security

    WordPress is one of the most secure CRM in the world, besides their own protection, they have lots of plugins that can improve website security.
    Squarespace- you are secure by Squarespace their own protection which is pretty much good.

  4. SEO

    WordPress offers SEO plugins. One of them is Yoast with great performance.
    Squarespace has its own SEO software that already is integrated into the website and helps a website to be indexed by Google.

  5. Design/Template/Themes

    WordPress offers a lot of different themes for the website, some of them are free but some of them we should pay. The average theme price is around 120$.
    Squarespace has already prepared template( most of them are free), ready for use but their amount is a lot less then WordPress has.

  6. Payments method

    WordPress has plugins that accept almost any type of payments(Paypal, Stripe,YITH,Authorize.net, Braintree, Square, Woocomerce square, etc)
    Squarespace only accepts Paypal and Stripe.


    WordPress can export every block, page, post image, or the whole website.
    Squarespace can only export a few things, very limited.

  8. Website speed

    WordPress website can be way more faster than Squarespace

Let’s now explain each fact individually


WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress – Previously, the installation of WordPress required considerable knowledge. Now that process is pretty much simplified. Buy hosting and domain first. Now every hosting company offers you a free Cpanel. On it, you have the option to integrate WordPress and in a few minutes, WordPress is ready with the dashboard. Benefits of WordPress that you can buy any hosting with any performance and speed.

Squarespace – is a very simple Saas platform that offers you share hosting, dashboard and domain in one place, plus if you want to immigrate from one domain server to Squarespace is allowed. The downside of Squarespace that you are stuck with their shared hosting.

2. Functionality / Plugins / Addons

website loading speed test WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress has more than 45 000 plugins. The functionality of WordPress is remarkable, amazing. So many different ways to improve the performance of the WordPress website with plugins. Some of those plugins are expensive but most of them are Free.

Squarespace is regard functionality very limited. Their website has already ready code to be almost LOCKED. They have some ad-dons to improve website performance but not at all as WordPress plugins.


security - WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress has great security, a specialty with SSL certificate, plus also has a lot of great plugins to protect the website against malware, hacker attack, etc. Very important is to every plugin be updated up to date, that’s one of the biggest security issues in the WordPress website.

Squarespace has a great umbrella for their own security system that protects all websites on their platform.


SEO-WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress has a lot of great plugins for SEO. SEO plugins have two benefits, first is that your website has independent SEO and second is they teach you about SEO. Search engine optimization – SEO- these days is one of the most important parts of our business. You want to know to be on the first page on Google and why, so this is one part of the business that you don’t want to automatize.

Squarespace has its own SEO algorithm (software), so your website can be immediately indexed on Google without SEO knowledge.

Some tips how to improve your SEO.


design WordPress vs Squarespace

WordPress gives you more freedom in design. With 50 000 different template, themes WordPress give us the freedom to make any possible web design that the human mind can imagine.

Squarespace has most TURNKEY( almost ready to be used) template design and the possibility for adjustment are very limited.

6.Payment methods

WordPress accepts almost any payment method on the word. Definitely, WordPress is the best CMS in the world regard payment methods.

Squarespace only accept PayPal and Stripe.

7.Export files

WordPress files can be export by parts or whole website. So many different plugins provide us help to process this action.

Squarespace is very limited with this option, just few things can be export from Squarespace.

8.Website speed


WordPress website can be slow, fast, and super fast depending on how good you know to combine WordPress plugin, as cache plugins, headers expire, minify JS, HTML, CSS files, and others.

Squarespace website is more build for smaller websites, blogs, simple online presentations, etc. Basically, if Squarespace websites are a little bit bigger then they know to be a little bit slower and that is dangerous for overall website performance.


(WordPress vs Squarespace)

Which website builder offer more payment method?


Which website builder offer easier integration /installation?


Which website builder can provide better cuber security

They are both a great.

Which website builder offer better adjustable design service?


Do WordPress websites have a better SEO?

Our opinion that owner of WordPress website has more control over website SEO

Can I use Squarespace for eCommerce store?

Yes, but you are better off with WordPress.

How many plugins are out there right now in 2020?

Around 50 000 plugins

How fast can be WordPress websites?

They can be super fast in you know how to optimize your website


(WordPress vs Squarespace)

WordPress is more for people who like to do website design and have more web design skills.WordPress can be used for blog, booking, eCommerce websites ( basically every type of website).

Squarespace is more for people who have less web design skills, who do not want too much from their websites. We recommend more for a blog or simple presentation website.

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